Gallery Code Installation Instructions

Step 1

Copy the gallery code snippet

This code snippet is what displays the photo reviews on your website.
Copy the following to your clipboard:

<div id="evotte_container" galleryID="1"></div>
Step 2

Paste the reviews code snippet into your theme

  1.  Go to Shopify admin themes page.
  2.  Click the “Actions" menu and select “Edit code".
  3.  Look for product-template.liquid or product.liquid file in templates or sections.
  4. Paste your code snippet into the area where you want your reviews to appear, usually beneath the product.description tag. Once added, save your theme.
Step 3

Verify the gallery code snippet is working

Once you’ve inserted the snippet into your theme, you can go to any of your product pages (for example, If you see the following, it means everything is working.